Here’s one I hadn’t seen before, the Swing Scarf.
The Mom-inventor of the Swing Scarf took her daughter to the park for the first time one day – and her daughter immediately put her mouth to the edge of the toddler swing. Of course anyone who’s been to a public park (and unless you are a hermit or your kids don’t go outside, I’m going to say that’s pretty much everyone) knows that the state of some of those swings couldn’t be exactly deemed “clean.” Spit up, bird poop, leaks from the last kid’s diaper, snot — there’s a whole mess of fun and disgusting materials that can be found in a public park in a swing.
So enter the Swing Scarf. It’s an incredibly simple design – two holes for their feet, and it ties on either side as a scarf would. Even better, it rolls up tightly and tucks away very nicely in a diaper bag. It’s not padded just for that reason – easy and compact packing. But the fabric’s thick enough that it does it’s job and your child will be touching something you’ve washed, not something they are sharing with dozens of other kids.
Check out the Swing Scarf and order today. (Click on “fabrics” to order.) It makes a great gift too – it comes packaged in a clear cellophane bag and wrapped in tulle ribbon.
Mommies with Style are privy to a special promo until June 25th – normally $28.00 each, she’s offering 20% off until the date of expiration. Order by June 25th to take advantage of the discount. Place the scarf in your shopping cart to see the discount.

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