So we go to visit my parents in North Carolina a few times a year. Down there, the beach culture seems to involve getting to the beach early and setting up one of these large party tents to help deal with the heat and have some shade for the day. It always seemed like a lot of work to me but also appealing in that you have your own little cabana for the day.

I’ve been on the hunt for awhile now for something that’s a little beyond your normal beach umbrella, but not as much of a commitment as one of those big party tents. After spending way more time online doing research than I care to admit, I settled on ordering a Cool Cabana. I read a couple of good reviews online but had never heard of this company or seen their product in person.

I ordered one and brought it to beach last weekend. Ironically my sister in law told me she had seen one already on the beach here in Jersey and has been wanting one. This thing is awesome. After we figured out what we had to do, set up was a breeze.


It’s about a 60 second set up – the sides are weighed down by sand and there are little pockets for your iPhone and goodies on each leg. The Cool Cabana comes in two sizes – 6×6 and 8×8. We ordered the 8×8 which supposedly fits up to 4 adults.

I’m excited to have this for the rest of the summer. The price and size were right and it’s light – in other words, it’s not too much of a PITA to have to cart down to the beach. Plus, we tested it well with the wind this weekend – there’s a little bit of some stormy weather on the east coast right now and while other beach umbrellas were flying away, our Cool Cabana stayed put!


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