You all know how much I love soft-soled shoes. I am always so impressed by the adorable icons, the strength in the stitching, the buttery-soft leather; not to mention how good they are for growth. I have to say, I was afraid of withdraw when Wesley really started walking and wearing hard-soles.
Still, when offered a pair of Elk Shoes to review, I knew we had to test them. I originally saw them at a trade show last year and always remembered their characters to be so appealing. Plus, Wesley hadn’t been in soft-soled shoes in some time, and I was interested to see his response now that he was used to hard-soles.
No surprise here, we weren’t disappointed. Elk Shoes have a tighter elastic than many I’ve tested, and at first we had a tiny bit of trouble getting them over his heel. But I quickly learned to adjust my angle, and now they go on just like socks–without falling off later–no matter how active he is. The soft leather on the inside makes for very little of an imprint–showing little pressure. And, when given a choice, he keeps requesting to wear his “MoMo” shoes. (“MoMo” is monkey in our home, and the monkey shoes are one of Elk’s biggest sellers.)
Being quite a bit more active, as an almost 2-year-old in the summer, our Elk’s have seen quite a bit of recent action. They’ve been a surprising key to park days–a great alternative to mulch getting into his sandals. And the fact that they can be tossed in the wash (on gentle cycle) and then air-dried is fantastic–because my little man LOVES dirt.
Elk is newer to the market than some, but already they’re making their way onto the feet of celebrities. Sean “Diddy” Combs’ twins each have a pair of sweet pink Elks.
Available in sizes from newborn to 24 months, get free shipping on any retail order at Elk‘s website.

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