This is one of those toy suggestions that everyone Mom is going to curse me for.  But your kids will love me.  Stinky the Garbage Truck was the big gift in our house this week for Cole’s 4th birthday party.  He’s been watching the commercial for weeks now and it’s been at the top of his “Must Have” list.

While the retail list is pricey ($59.99), you can get it on Amazon for $49.99 right now and Stinky truly does a lot of things:  he eats, talks and dumps things out of his back.  (Unsurprisingly, my kids immediately started playing and saying, “Stinky poops!”)

He talks a ton and tells jokes and thankfully there’s an on-off switch.  And truthfully, my kids are really enjoying this toy as they laugh and happily play with him together and that’s worth a lot in my book.

Disclaimer:  I received a sample of Stinky the Garbage Truck to facilitate this review.

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