Okay so the title of this post may be a teeeeeensy bit harsh, but you guys will see what I mean. I had my husband taking photos of me in these photos and for both of the white sweaters, he was like, “could you look any more like a Grandma?”

So I guess that’s a bit of a sneak peek to what I did NOT keep. 🙂 See below for the looks I received in this week’s Stitch Fix box. This was my 10th box. They are sometimes a huge hit and sometimes a total miss. Most times there’s a mix of things I like and don’t like. I continue to order them because I do love having someone else shop for me and it’s just too fun to receive the boxes in the mail.

{See my last 9 boxes}

Starting with the first. This is the En Creme Potter Button Back Sweater. It is NOT flattering from the front and honestly, it kills me to share this photo with you guys because I feel like I look huge but here you go:

And here’s the back. The back had potential, right? Unfortunately it seemed to wrinkle easily and like I said, I didn’t like the front at all. I sent this back.

This next one is the Brixon Ivy Lawley Cable Knit Open Cardigan. I’m all about the cardy in the winter and wear a lot of them but this one just wasn’t flattering at all on me either:

Meh. But here’s the good thing about this picture. I’m also wearing Kut from the Kloth Jonathan Skinny Courduroys and I LOVE them. They are a dark green – a great fall, winter color and I’m a big fan of Kut from the Kloth so I kept these! Here’s another shot of them (Maisie loves getting in the photos!)

In this next picture, I’m wearing Look by M’s Alzora Zig Zag Infinity Scarf and while I’m pretty much scarf-obsessed, the print wasn’t for me so I sent this one back.

Lastly I’m in Market & Spruce’s Margarit Mirrored Embroidery Knit Top and I kept this because I really liked that it was something unique and think it can be worn a ton of different ways. In fact, I wore it over the weekend to Poker night and I received lots of compliments on it!

So. Kept 2, sent back 3. I still think that’s pretty decent. What do you think, do you agree with my choices? And have you tried Stitch Fix yet? Check it out! Use my referral linkif you do (thank you!)


  1. So…I have to agree with you on the sweaters. I don’t think I could pull off the color OR the fit. Love the green cords – and the top you kept. Looks super versatile, like you said. And they sent me the same scarf in my box this month, and I just loved it! I actually prefer only finding one or two things that I like each month. Keeps me within a reasonable budget and allows me to keep getting them sent more often! Ha!

    • That’s a good way to look at it re: keeping the budget reasonable! I always think it’s a huge win when you like all 5 pieces b/c then you get the discount but it’s definitely still more money !

  2. So, I have to say I really do like that first sweater: looks comfy, love the neutral color, and the back styling. Now , with that said, have to admit I am a grandma, after all-LOL! Do agree with the negative on the second sweater. Cords, top are good choices. Scarf does looks nice, but I would have passed on that as well. I’ll take the doggy too- very cute!

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