After Stitch Fix Box #4 didn’t work for me, I immediately placed an order for a December Box. I mentioned the holidays and was eager to see what was inside of the latest shipment.

The first thing I pulled out and tried on was the Tart Macon 3/4 Sleeve Faux Leather Detail Printed Shift Dress ($78).  I didn’t think it did much for me at all. I liked the print a lot but it didn’t hang right and accentuated my hips, which is my sensitive area so I steer clear of anything that focuses there!


Next up was this Tart Nilo 3/4 Sleeve Zipper Detail Faux Wrap Dress ($98).  Wasn’t a fan of this one either – the print didn’t do it for me and the cut wasn’t right, although the zipper detailing on the side was kind of cool.


Third dress was the Donna Morgan Ash Beaded Neckline Dress ($148), of course my luck, it’s the most expensive and the piece I love the most.  I just love the detailing on the top of the dress.  Now I just have to decide if I want to keep it – I don’t exactly have any dressy holiday parties to attend this year, everything’s pretty casual so I need to determine if it’s worth keeping with no specific event in mind to wear it to!  But the beading on the top is just so festive and fun, no?


The next two pieces were the 41Hawthorn Kaleigh Colorblock Bib Silk Blouse ($98) and the Ecru Mark Pull-On Ponte Pant ($108).  The blouse was okay and I like the color but I’m not keeping it for $98, especially since I don’t keep my silk blouses from wrinkling very well and this one had already wrinkled a ton just from being in the box getting to me.

The pants are really comfortable and a great staple piece so I may be swayed into keeping them – we’ll see!  I had just gotten some black ponte pants from White House Black Market but still, I kind of loved these too.



Do you use Stitch Fix?  What do you think of my latest box?



  1. I actually liked the first 2 items. Elegant and classy. They looked wonderful on you.

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