Looking for a few more ideas to stuff in the stocking? Budclicks allow your tween or teen to personalize their earbuds with a wide variety of designs, symbols and characters. From flowers, stars and ladybugs to skulls, cupcakes and 8 balls, BudClicks take boring white earbuds to the next level. Simply choose your style, click them on to nearly any earbud and rock out – in style.






Want to win a pair for your tween or teen? BudClicks is giving away 3 pairs to lucky MWS readers. Visit budclicks.com to see their collection and leave a comment below with which pair you’d like best. Or check out the image below to see some of their newest additions – not even in stores yet. Enter by Tuesday, December 14th.


  1. http://budclicks.com/rasta-peace.shtml my daughter would love these

  2. My daughter would love the Daisy ones.

  3. my daughter would also love the daisy ones

  4. Really awesome! I think my hubby would loke the smirky smile ones! HA!

  5. My daughter would love the smiley one or the pink peace symbol.

  6. My son would like the smirkey smile one.

  7. I would say the pink flip flops would be my daughters pick if not that the pink daisey. These are super cute.

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