People comment on my Sticky9 photo magnets on our fridge all of the time. Sticky9 creates cute little square photos for you at a reasonable price! It’s $15.99 for a sheet of 6 photos and they are adorable on the fridge.

They used to only offer it off Instagram but I noticed in creating my magnets today that you can also connect to Facebook and use photos you have uploaded there too, or even upload your own from your home computer. I stuck with Instagram this time around again and I got two sheets because there’s currently a buy one, get one half off deal going on (ends January 7).

Here’s one of the two sheets I just created that’s on it’s way to my house:

Screen Shot 2016-01-04 at 12.57.38 PM

And here’s what my fridge current looks like – this is two sheets from a little over a year ago so I’m excited to swap some current ones in and maybe even add to it and make it a little bigger:

Cute, right? Get your own sheets for buy one, get one half off atSticky9. They also offer tablet covers, photo stickers, posters & other cool goodies all made with your pictures.


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