naturesbaby.jpgOk, maybe it was made for kids but why should kids get to have all the good stuff? Specifically, why should the kids get to keep the Nature’s Baby Organics Shampoo and Conditioner all to themselves?
I got these products with every intention of testing them on my kids. But lets just say, the bottles never found their way into the kids bathroom.
I have a good excuse. In the first trimester of my current pregnancy I could not stand the scent of very many things. But the yummy creamsicle smell of Nature’s Baby Vanilla Tangerine products were my calm in the storm. Their citrus scent restored me, and so I decided that I needed the shampoo just a little bit more than the kiddos.
I’ve continued to use the products because they leave my hair exceptionally soft and do not irritate my own sensitive skin in any way. My skin is actually more sensitive than that of my kids. But they are no dummies. As soon as they smelled that yummy scent they begged to shower in my room and use “my” shampoo. So as much as I’d love to keep the Nature’s Baby stuff to myself, I’m having to share the Nature’s Baby products with my kids. It’s gentle enough that I plan to even use it on my new baby.
Nature’s Baby products were formulated by a mom of two who was desperate to find products for her own children’s extremely sensitive eczema prone skin. The line is doctor recommended and notable for their pure organic ingredients and also for what they do not contain – parabens, SLS (Sulfates), DEA, Propolyne Glycol and synthetic fragrances. Celebrity fans include Julie Bowen and Joely Fisher, who just picked up the entire line for the Treehouse Social Club.
I should also mention that in addition to the shampoo/body wash and the leave in/rinse out conditioner, there is another Nature’s Baby product that I am completely addicted to. It is their PU All spray. As it happens, life with kids is not always a bed of roses, nor does it always smell so good. A few spritzes of the PU All in the diaper genie and the backseat of the car is a wonderful thing. One of the owners of the company demonstrated how safe and mild this essential oil based spray is, by spritzing it in his own mouth. Note: This is a recommended use! But I’ve yet to see anyone do that with a spray bottle of Glade.
Mommies with Style try out Natures Baby Organics products on your baby, or keep them for yourself – you’ll save 15% when you enter the coupon code mommies. Be sure to check out their entire product line which includes diaper cream, ah choo chest rub, and a handy purse sized soothing stick for ouchies.

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