stokke-scoot My first impression of the Stokke® Scoot stroller was while it was still in the box on my doorstep. I have a bit of an obsession with baby products, specifically strollers (this is my 6th stroller!) so I am no stranger to dirty mangled boxes being delivered to my house. With the Stokke® Scoot, this was not the case. The packaging was intact. The box wasn’t dirty or covered with tape and it was clearly marked. I was able to open the box without a knife, scissors or a struggle and slide the stroller right out. I easily assembled my new toy with zero help from my husband, relying only on the manual which was simple to follow.


Leave it to October in Pennsylvania to allow me test Stokke® Scoot in all types of weather in under a week! Our first outing was to a local farm. I really wanted to enjoy some one-on-one time with my two year old daughter Fiona so we planned our trip around the same time eleven month old Hazel naps.

When we arrived at the farm, I was able to take sleeping Hazel from her car seat and gently lay her in Stokke® Scoot at the full recline position without her making a peep. It was unseasonably hot and extremely buggy outside, so I zipped on the mosquito net to keep the gnats from bugging her.

I was able to maneuver Hazel around the pumpkin patch with one hand and hold Fiona’s hand with the other – never once did I wish I had an extra hand as I do most days. This stroller is the absolute easiest stroller to push one-handed and it turns flawlessly. The wheels swivel all the way around letting Stokke® Scoot spin in a complete 360. I think I could push and turn this stroller with my finger tip, it’s that user friendly!

Just a day or two later we were in the midst of a ton of rain. I had to run out to the grocery store for just a few items. I decided to keep Hazel in the stroller because I could zip on the rain cover; Fiona and I just made a run for it in our fun rain gear. Once again Stokke® Scoot aimed to please. Once we got inside, my moody little tot insisted I carry her. Sooooo….. I did. I was able to carry Fiona around the store, push Hazel with one hand and throw a few necessities into the roomy basket below – oh and somehow I had my diaper bag hang off the back of the canopy to free up my hands even more. Being 6 months pregnant you can imagine all this activity made me hungry. We decided to grab lunch at the café located in the store, I kept comfy Hazel in her stroller and pulled her right up to the table to eat. The high seat feature on the Stokke® Scoot is genius and definitely keeps my antsy almost one year old pretty chill. In her lower to the ground umbrella stroller she’s constantly fussing, I usually end up caving and taking her out.

Screen Shot 2013-10-23 at 10.13.03 AM

Another great feature that my husband and I noticed on Stokke® Scoot is the adjustable handle. I keep the handle on the lowest setting as I am only 5’2″ (on a good day!). My husband stands at 6’2″ tall, yes there’s a whole foot between us. He likes the handle extended to the highest setting. It leaves more space between him and the stroller, keeping him from kicking the wheels/stroller as he’s walking.

This ‘nothing to it’ one hand fold, compact stroller is very easy to carry (did I mention – with one hand!). It’s so light, weighing  in at 31lbs, I never have to strain myself. Stokke® Scoot is the perfect fit for a pregnant mommy like me with two toddlers by her side and a lot to load into her SUV. Everything that comes along with Stokke® Scoot screams uncomplicated, manageable, smooth and most importantly no sweat! I look forward to turning the seat around to face me, utilizing the Stokke® Scoot Softbag and keeping my new baby boy warm, cozy and connected to me this winter.

Everybody knows that the stroller is every modern mommy’s biggest best accessory – I certainly appreciate the chic urban style of Stokke® Scoot helping me hold on to every bit of edge I have left while keeping my little ones comfortable, safe and happy.

Buy the Stokke® Scoot for $599.99 and choose from 8 different colors!

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