I’m sure I don’t have to blog about the quality of shoes from Stride Rite, as every Mom I know shops there or has shopped there at one time or another.
Anyway, I hadn’t been there in awhile but got a couple pairs for both boys recently. I love this pair called the TT Argo that I got for my oldest son. On a recent trip to Florida, I thought these were great for the occasion and am excited to use this in the upcoming summer months. They’re a sneaker/sandal hybrid and what was great was that they are more open so not too hot for him, but still have the comfort of a sneaker. We wore these a lot on walks outside and on a trip to a local playground. They have them for babies too!
And I’m so sad that my oldest outgrew the Sprout, which was my all time favorite shoe on him. (Lucky for me, the baby will son fit into a pair!)
So no coupon code but you can find them on the Stride Rite.com site, about a zillion shoe retailer sites online (shop Shoes.com and use coupon code APRILOFFER until May 10th to get $8 off $80, or 368378246 for 15% off at Shoebuy.com)

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