For no rhyme or reason whatsoever (hey, do I ALWAYS need a theme?! ┬áMy theme is that I’m themeless!), here’s some picks I saw on Pinterest this week that inwardly made me say “I want.”

One Shoulder, Black/Vintage Rose Dress at Lily Boutique, $83

Steve Madden Meddel Boot, $99.95 with free shipping

Black Circle Earrings, $7.10

Harborview Jersey Dress, $135

Bryant Park Stella & Dot Scarf in Pink, $59


  1. Yes, agreed Friday is fashion Friday. You have good taste my wife would love the Steve Madden boots. I work with specializing in Organic Fashion, the guilty pleasure definitely would be the boots.

  2. We tried to make our Christmas holiday extra siaepcl for us this year because it will be our last one just the two of us’! We are very excited to be expecting our baby in a couple of months, but we loved making the most of our last relaxing, chilled out Christmas. Twas great!!

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