img_6466 A little less than a year ago, I threw out my back. It was painful and awful. But the worst part was when the doc told me: “No more slinging your baby.” That was a crushing blow. I loved wearing my baby, and the closeness of carrying him almost everywhere.

My back is stronger now, thank goodness, but I’ve still been advised not to carry my baby in a sling or wrap style carrier for any length of time. I was told to try out a frame carrier, if I was thinking of carrying. Problem was, I was not seeing any frame carriers that I liked. They all looked like camping gear to me. Kinda funky and grungey cool, but not something I would choose to wear unless I was fully accessorized for a woodland hike and headed out on a national park trail.

Then along came Kokopax. This company has put the cool back in frame packs. Their gorgeous fabrics and simple design have brought babywearing back into my life for one last gasp, before my little guy is too big.

I cannot tell you how thrilled he was to be carried in this backpack carrier. He loved it so much that he refused to get out of it, even after we were done. He wanted to sit in it longer. He gets a huge smile whenever he sees the Kokopax and this is a ringing endorsement from a child who hates to be constrained and who will only sit in a stroller for naps.

Kokopax are very easy to load a kid into and put on.. There is a handy pocket on the back of the carrier for bringing along a few essentials and a ring for toy attachments. The fabric choices are just beautiful. If you feel that regular soft carriers are hard on your back, this may be a good alternative for you. ┬áIt’s not as versatile as some soft carriers, and it is a little more bulky to store, but it’s definitely more comfortable to wear for an extended period, especially with toddlers and larger babies.

We love using the Kokopax at Kindergarten pickup. It allows me to greet my older son with both arms open, while my younger son gets to stay close and happy as well. It’s a simple but brilliant thing. I’m so glad that Kokopax has brought modern style to the classic frame backpack carrier!

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