Now that my son is well into eating baby food, mealtime is quite a mess. After three meals a day of food all over the place, miraculously, my son remains clean under his Big Bellie Bib!
These bibs are great for anything — feeding a bottle, baby food, or “real” food. They are colorful, adorable, and have ample coverage. They are also very durable, thanks to the nylon waterproof backing. Made of 100% cotton and made in the USA, these bibs are currently being reviewed for status as a “green company”. Some of the quality features include the layers are 100% cotton with high-quality dyes/threads, the nylon backing is safe (won’t leech out chemical fumes as some lower quality synthetics do). These bibs are workhorses, which means they can be handed down to siblings/cousins as well (reduce, reuse, recycle!).
Check out the selection of infant (starter bibs and teether bibs), toddler, and (soon to come) special-needs bibs.
Buy three bibs and receive free shipping (no code needed)! Try these durable and cute bibs and help save the earth (and your child’s clothes!)

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