When not at work, my standard pregnancy attire has been based on sweatpants and long-sleeved tees.  There’s nothing wrong with this wardrobe.  In fact, I’ve probably never dressed more comfortably and my husband’s starting to get used to it.  But sometimes I feel like I could have tried a little harder while choosing an outfit.  The perfect solution would be sweatpants and long-sleeved tees that not only fit and look stylish, but are also extremely comfortable.  And wouldn’t you know…I found the exact solution! nuka_maternity_thermal_image

Nuka Maternity offers contemporary materinty clothing that’s both fashionable and comfortable (two of my favorite “-able” words!).  They sent me a pair of french terry Leisure Pants and a Netalie Burnout thermal tee to review – both of which have become new staples of my wardrobe.  The terry pants are as soft as sweatpants, but have added front pockets and a form-fitting cut that makes them much more flattering than sweats.  The Burnout thermal tee is a beautiful orchid color and has a sexy (yet not too sexy) neckline.  All of Nuka Maternity’s clothing is made of ultra-soft premium fabrics, so they wash and wear well.  They’re created so you can “love what you wear and wear what you love all through your pregnancy and fourth trimester”. 

Their versatile maternity collections can be found in boutiques across the country and can also be purchased directly from their site.  However, as a special offer for our readers, if you email your order directly to craig@nuka-la.com, you’ll receive 30% off when you mention Mommies with Style.


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