So I’m sitting here on my laptop, working. Meanwhile, its glorious outside. Seriously, April weather. I offer to take Carson out to ride on his bike but am told, “no, I”m busy.” So I peek at what he’s doing.
Are you kidding me? The kid is doing Sudoku. Now, I’ll admit to being a bit addicted when I was breastfeeding Carson, and, who knows? Maybe the addiction seeped in a little in the breastmilk. And Carson has been watching my Dad do the NYT daily Sudoku puzzle each morning that they’re together. Still. He’s 5. And he’s so swept into Sudoku he’s not coming up for air.
Not that I’m complaining. I’d far rather spend money on Sudoku games than trendy plastics that will break in a matter of days. And I’m relieved to see that the book he’s using (which was a gift from the Grandparents) is for kids. Which you can get at Amazon for only $2.99. Even more of a relief? This hobby can be free! I just googled “Sudoku for Kids” and well over 10 free downloading pages popped up, each with many puzzles.
So through this searching, I recalled a game I saw Toy Fair 2008. I was impressed, but thought it to be way over kids’ this age head. Instead, I filed it under “g” for gifting as something to remember to gift to my parents at the holidays (and since forgot until today.) Now, totally doubting that decision, I just found Colorku listed on Amazon for $29.99, a 33% savings. Its now in my cart.
Thankfully, he just completed his 18th game and we’re going out for a bike ride.

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