We’re back from the beach (hence my posting hiatus!) and my kids are off to full day day-camp starting today. My 11 year old did a Minecraft full day camp earlier in June but he was indoors all day learning about computers, Minecraft and robotics so it wasn’t your typical camp experience.

Today he and his brother head to full day camp with lots of outdoor activities and pool time so I have a lot of items to pack. You’d think I would be old hat at this by now but I always seem to forget something and rely on a list to make sure I have packed everything each day.

Here’s a handy Day Camp checklist to make sure you are also packing everything you need for your day camper this summer:


Other optional items include sunglasses and water shoes. (My kids usually go in flip flops)

Also, if your child’s camp will allow it, pack a small game or cards of some sort. My kids get a lot of swim time at their camp and they aren’t always into wanting to go into the pool. At our camp, they can sit off to the side and play games. They provide games but my boys last year took to bringing card games and other items that were fun for them to play with friends. (The one year the girls were always bringing the Rainbow Loom)

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