Last year, I brought you a review of Zuru’s Bunch ‘O Balloons. My kids had such a ball with these last year and I’ve been seeing them all over the place this summer! Not surprisingly, because this is an ingenious and fun toy for kids to play with outside.

Zuru Bunch O Balloons are hooked up to a hose and fill up automatically! No more filling them up individually – you can fill 100 balloons up in just a minute and they drop off automatically – all tied up nicely! Check us out doing it here:

It literally takes only a minute to fill all these balloons up. Remember how we used to do it all old school with the faucet? This invention is literally ingenious and makes for a quick water balloon fight when they want one.

Zuru also makes this great pack that’s new this year – the X-Shot Bunch O Balloons Single Launcher makes it easier for them to fling the balloons at one another!

Oh and probably not product recommended, but Nate found that you can also fill them up with air for fun:

Check out Zuru’s Bunch O’ Balloonsoptions on Amazon.

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