School’s out and summer is finally here!!! For me that mean POOL TIME!!!! I love to swim play with my friends at pool. Every summer I do swim team. I have swim practice ever single day and swim meets Tuesday and Thursdays and sometimes Saturday. It keeps me really busy!

Today at the pool, my friends and I tried out some really cool new swim toys from SwimWays. They have a whole Little Mermaid collection. My favorite was The Little Mermaid Tail. It is different from other mermaid tails because you can separate the tail and use it like flippers or you can put it together. My friend, Eloise and I, tried out the kick board and goggles. We LOVED the goggles! They were super cute and fit really well. The kick board was fun, but I think it was a little small for us. It would be perfect for kids around 3-5 years old just learning to swim. My brother played with the dive toys and said they were AWESOME! They have Sebastian, Flounder and Ariel. It was so much fun to throw the toys into the pool and see who could get them the fastest! SwimWays always has great pool toys and I am so happy they now have them with The Little Mermaid! You can find the toys at Target or on Amazon and the fins at*&Nty=1&No=0&Nrpp=12&Rdm=672&searchType=simple&type=search

Go to my YouTube Chanel to watch us play with the toys and even see them underwater. My brother, Alex, took some great video underwater with the GoPro:

When it rains in the summer I get really bored! My swim practices get cancelled and I can’t go to the pool. Last time it rained I stayed home and played with these really cool toys from Horizon Group. They came out with these fun “food” toys that are gooey and messy and so fun. I tied the SlimGloop Hamburger SqueezWiches. It came with slime, foam beads and green glitter. I got to squish it all together and make it into a hamburger. Playing with slime was really satisfying. Then I opened up the Jiggle Digs. This one looked like a cupcake. It came with a digging tool and I got to dig throw the gel into I found the 2 little toys inside. These definitely kept me from being bored! They are great toys to play with on a rainy day (or when you want to trick your brother with a slime hamburger!). You can find all of these toys at Target! Go to my YouTube Channel for the full review:

Hope you all enjoy your summer!!

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