dinoteesss.jpgHave you ever noticed how everything is just cooler in the city? Newer, hipper, better?
Well that’s exactly how I’ve always felt about the City Threads Tee line. Leaders, not followers, they delve into the social subconscious like pearl divers, mining what’s cool and bringing it to the surface first. Rocker, retro, skater, punk… a smattering of all that is kitschy cool and a healthy dose of fun loving attitude are what you can expect to find from this line.
It’s not just the hip motifs that get me – though I do especially love their TRex, Space Pops, and Guitar shirts. What seals the deal is that they have such a great quality tee. Made to take a beating (and a washing) these super duper soft tees only get better with use. My son particularly loves his tattoo style Mom tee which is fabricated with just a touch of lycra, so it snaps right back into shape after he has decided to turn it into a turban or superhero cape on the spur of the moment.
hoodedJackets.jpgCelebs have long favored the line. Actor Jason Lee just picked up some of the tees for his son and friends of Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott purchased the line as a gift for baby Liam. Their “Est 2007” onesies are a perfect baby gift for any important new addition. And of course there are the sweatshirts and tees that made them famous. Claim your coast with their Brooklyn and Hollywood designs.
Mommies with Style check out this destined to be a classic line and save 10% when you enter coupon code MWS at checkout.


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