When my 8 year old was born, video monitors were the newest thing to hit the market and I had to have one. I spentseveral hundred dollars for a camera that had to be set up inches from the crib and delivered a fuzzy black and white image sans sound to a monitor that was like something leftover from the hatch in “Lost”. Large. Heavy. Ridiculous. We could not even give that thing away, five years later.
So I went old school/ audio only when my three year old was born. His monitor had the charming quirk of picking up every baby in the neighborhood. At 3AM usually. We called it “Ghost Baby” whenever we heard those plaintive wails in the middle of the night. We’d bolt awake only to find our own son was sleeping peacefully. Wrong Number.
This time I’ve finally got it right with Summer Infant’s Day and Night Handheld Monitoring System. Not only does it monitor my child and my child alone, but it delivers a decent picture at any hour, to a unit that I can actually carry from room to room, in my pocket. The picture is color in daylight and sort of black and white at night. I can customize my spying to audio only mode, video only mode (with a light indicator that senses sound) or both.
It has a decent battery life and is small/portable enough for travel also. I can see using this in a hotel room – how many times have my husband and I sat in the hall or on the balcony of our room, then peeked into the room to check on the baby only to wake him/her up?
Summer Infant has made spying on my kids so easy and fun that I am tempted to put cameras in all their rooms, just to see what they are up to. I’m thinking up all kids of uses for this device, including solving the great “What happened to that other sock in the wash?” mystery and the case of “Who ate the last cookie?”.
All kidding aside, this is an excellent and well priced unit for anyone to use to provide peace of mind and safety/security with a new infant. Now that I have it, I’m not sure how I ever managed without it with my other children. Purchase yours on Amazon.


  1. Love, love, love this monitor. We have it and have an extra camera so we can monitor our infant on one channel and our toddler on the other. Can’t say enough great things about this product. It is a must for any parent!

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