For tired, new parents, swaddling is a lifesaver to calm your babe down — and Summer Infant’s SwaddleMe Blanket by Kiddopotamus ($10.99) is so simple to use. Simply align your babe’s shoulders with the top of the open wrap. Tuck your child’s legs inside the leg pocket and then open the tab at the top of the leg pocket. Then wrap the left wing over the baby’s torso and tuck under baby’s opposite arm. Secure the tab to the top of the leg pocket. Then place the right wing over the left and secure open tabs to on the left wing. The fabric should be snug over baby’s chest and the baby should always be placed on their back to sleep. Sizes range from Preemie Size: 3-7 pound, Small/Medium Size: 0-4 months, 7-14 pounds and Large Size: 4-9 months, 14-22 pounds.

We first used the SwaddleMe with my first child, who was born 4 1/2 years ago. It really was terrific to swaddle him quickly at 3am, when I wasn’t too awake myself.

Thank you to Summer Infant for providing a sample of the product.


  1. my sister uses these with her twins and loves them!

  2. I love the swaddling blanket they are so easy to use and they come in reallly cute designs.

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