Looking for some picks for your kiddos beyond their normal school required reading list this summer? We’ve already hit some of the books on our school reading list and we have a couple of kids who arealways looking for the latest read.

So we’ve put together a list of some favorites for your tween to check out this summer. This list is geared towards kids ages 10-14 but early readers are welcome as are kids beyond age 14 (we’d even go so far as we’d read some of these as adults!)

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Wings of Fire — who doesn’t love a good series? There’s nothing better than diving into a book, loving it, and finding out there’s more to come {total of 6 so far in this book series}

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Wonder is such a beautiful story that we encourage you to read along with your children. It teaches kindness, perspective and thought. Reading it can bring some thoughtful conversations.

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The One and Only Ivan has been on many-a-book-list and it’s won the Newberry. It’s told from the perspective of a captive gorilla.

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Having received 5 stars on Amazon and raving reviews everywhere, this is another book that willprovoke some discussion. Out of My Mind centers around Melody, a 5th grade girl who can speak nor write.

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Everyone knows who Malala is and her biography, I am Malala is such an inspiration for both girls and women. Note: some of the subject is sensitive so we would recommend this only for advanced tween and teen readers. But wouldn’t this be a breath of fresh air for your girls out there – to idolize Malala rather than the latest Instagram fashion user.

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The Ranger’s Apprentice is book 1 in a 12 book series. Remember what we said about reading one awesome book and knowing there are many stories to come? That’s how our boys have felt about this series. It’s also listed on our local middle school reading list.

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Rick Riordan’s latest series, Magnus Chase and the Gods of Asgard delves into Norse mythology. For kids who love all his Percy Jackson and Greek Myth stories, this latest will not disappoint.

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The Invention of Hugo Cabret
tells the story of 12 year old Hugo, who lives in the walls of a Paris train station.

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The Wishing Spell {The Land of Stories, book 1}is a fast-paced adventure and has 6 books in the series. It’s especially popular amongst the girls at school.

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The Evolution of Calpurnia Tateis a Newberry runner up and tells the tale of a girl coming of age in the early 20th century.

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