Sunkist_carrot_2My kid, like most, gives me a hard time about eating his vegetables. So, why not drink them? Sunkist Naturals has a new great Sunshine Carrot Juice, which is made up of orange, carrot and apple juices. It’s 100% juice, has no added sugar, and uses baby carrots and oranges from California farms. It was a big hit in my household and got the seal of approval from my very picky 3 year old.

I loved that it contained antioxidants, alpha and beta carotene and vitamins A & C. It tasted just like a rich orange juice — you may not notice the carrot or apple tastes. Sunkist Naturals are available nationwide and come in two sizes — a 1 liter size (1 quart, 1.8 fluid ounces) and 450 ml (15.2 fluid ounces).


  1. It looks so yummy. It would be great for trips to the park!

  2. Wow – this is great! All my three kids have colds at the moment – including my eighteen month old – what a nightmare! i think i’ll have a go at some of this for some good vitamin input!

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