Chic, simple, yet oh-so-fancy, the Suzibella Nappi Sak provides a way to carry the necessities, the diapers, wipes, keys and cash, and look totally in-the-moment.
Classic and austere, the Nappi Sak, closed as a handbag, measures approximately 10″x10″. And with the stylish bamboo handles and vogueish fabrics, its not one to be confused with a diaper bag. The deceit is on the inside. This bag is NOT a bag. Its a changing pad. Really. Just open up the magnetic closures at the top, and you’ll unfold a 10ish” by 20ish” pad.
But its more than a pad. Unbeknownst to the discriminating bottlenecker eyeing your bag from across the room, in the middle of the pad, discreetly inside the “bag”, held tightly in place by another magnetic snap, is a little pouch, measuring 7″ by 10ish”. The outer lining to the pouch has 3 small pockets. They’ll hold your lipstick, keys, cash, credit cards, sunglasses… the smaller items you need when you run out and want the sleek look. Inside the pouch is a plastic zipper-lock (ie like a Ziplock, but stronger) wet bag, for wipes or any wets. The zipper bag comes out, and there’s still the cloth pouch which will neatly hold 2 diapers.
Very popular amongst the celeb-set, fans and loyal Nappi Sak carriers include new mom Marcia Cross and Dr. 90210’s Dr. Li (who initially snatched up a bag thinking it was a cute thing for herself, totally surprised, and totally ecstatic, to find it was actually a diaper bag.)
Also by Suzibella, check out the Keepsake Box. A wooden box with a picture window designed to hold keepsakes such as a lock of hair, first tooth, and other mementos, it makes a great shower gift.
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