Sunday I had posted how we were prepping for Sandy. It was weird – when Irene hit here last year, we were visiting my parents in Florida. I remember not sleeping well the night it hit – obsessively checking Facebook and Twitter to see how friends were back home.

I also remember feeling I wish I were home to just check on our house, our cats, etc and feeling like being away was worse. Now that I’ve been on both sides of it, I can say that being away was definitely better! While we emerged from Sandy relatively unscathed, it was pretty damn scary to go through it.

I’d say after dinner last night was the worst – once the darkness descended and we turned all the electronics off (so lucky to have not lost power), laying in bed and listening to the howling wind and feeling the house shake was surreal. But we’re so blessed. Other than a bunch of leaves around our house, we have power and no downed trees.

I haven’t yet left the house – I’m sure our side street will probably be unpassable for today anyway as there are tons of old trees that always come down in storms there.

But otherwise, feeling really lucky and thinking about all of the people at the shore who have serious damage and are possibly trapped. I’m particularly connected to Long Beach Island, New Jersey – where hubby’s family owned a beach house for years. (That clam in the photo? Where Cole is sticking his head out? Is apparently under water as is much of that shopping center.) Crazy.

And very happy to have power this morning. Here’s a photo of my kids in our makeshift beds last night – we slept in the basement in case any trees were to fall. The kids had a blast!  (They are actually not sleeping here but pretending to sleep and peeking at Nate’s iPod between the two mattresses.)


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