Ciaran reviewed the Cozy Cocoon back in April 2006 , so I was eager to try it with Cole once he arrived. I got one from Mom4Life and tried it out. Have to say, the first time I tried it, it didn’t work so well. I put his entire body in it (arms and all) and he really hated it.
So I put it away for awhile and recently tried it again. This time I put everything but his arms in, leaving them free at his sides, and he did much better. In fact, he had one of his better nights sleep-wise in it.
It’s certainly an easy swaddle – no crazy folds, just insert baby and you’re done! And they certainly look adorable all tucked in. Check it out on Mom4Life (click through to receive an automatic 10% off for Mommies with Style readers and then do a search on the Cozy Cocoon).
She also has a deal going on several styles of soft-soled shoes: Pedipeds, Jack & Lily and Pedoodles. Buy any of those brands off her site and receive free shipping on the shoes. (expires January 15th) Almost all of the products for sale on Mom4Life have been invented or made by Stay at Home Moms.


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