puppy1_375.jpgMy all time favorite Valentine’s Day? 1986. I was 9 and I came home from school to find my mom had made me a heart shaped pillow. She even went so far as to hand-embroider my name on the soft red velvety fabric. The worst? 1989. It involved broken hearts and a Valentine’s Day dumping. Oh the tragically dramatic life of 12 year olds. But let’s not dwell on the worst, shall we…
What made that 1986 Valentine’s Day so special was that my mom gave me a sweet little gift that lasted beyond the typical chocolate. She made a simple day special with a thoughtful gift. It was far better than any box of candy.
One of my goals as a mom is to share moments like that with my kids. So for Valentine’s Day this year, I’m passing on the box of candy. Instead my daughter has something special she’ll appreciate all year—the Puppy Love twirl skirt set from the Funday Shop. It’s super cute and just good plain fun! Let’s face it, in a couple years, Valentine’s day is going to have a whole new meaning for my girl. I say embrace the fun and innocence now and make this Valentine’s Day extra special!
And here’s a Valentine’s Gift for you, use MWS20 for 20% off your order from The Funday Shop. Now that’s extra sweet!

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