Recently I went on a mini-shopping spree of some great finds on  While I’m out of the diapers stage with my kids, I hit up their Summer Sale and got a great bag and some paper products (paper products!  on a diapers site!  who knew!?)

But I wanted to mention something pretty cool I noticed while there because I wish this had existed when my kids were in diapers. rewards you for shopping and being loyal to them.  Here’s how it works:  Join the loyalty program and you will get a discount on diapers each time you purchase!  The first time, you’ll get $10 off as you’re a first time customer.  For each additional order, you’ll get $5 off a pack of diapers.  $5!  That’s a pretty sweet amount when it comes to a pack of diapers.  Oh, and did I mention that they offer free shipping on orders over $49?

They also have insanely fast shipping.  It’s 2-day shipping but I have yet to have any of my shipments take more than 24 hours and I’ve ordered a number of times now.  Pretty nifty, especially when you’re in a rush to get a new pack of diapers, eh?

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