“Take flight and begin” — is exactly what I hope my child thinks as he begins each day. Kukunest’s child-inspired bedding reaches out to the children, greeting their mornings and slumbers, inspiring them to “take flight and begin.”
Kukunest’s fabrics are whimsy, innocent and creative. They’re light-hearted, inspirational and playful. And just as much as I like them for what they are, I love them for what they’re not. They’re not commercialized. They’re not loud and over-the-top. They’re for kids, they look “by kids.” And with a bit of a modern-touch, the bright colors mixed with pastels will add an excitement mixed with calm to your child’s bedroom.
I’ve never loved the solid look on a bed, always thought the look of mixing patterns adds depth to a bedroom set. And I love the variety of patterns mixed into the bedding sets. Kukunest offers a selection of sheets, along with their duvet cover and sham, all the colors match, all the patterns stick out as another whimsical part of the collection.
Start planning that big kid room! Kukunest is offering FREE shipping with code MWS.

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