Ok, I am going to be that mom. Kind of. No I’m not passing out orange and black beribboned toothbrushes and floss this Halloween. Because, hey even the pediatric dentist on our block passes out candy – although that may be a job security ploy. But today’s post is dedicated to infant/toddler oral hygeine. To what comes after that delightful lolly.
Fortunately for us, I have discovered a product for brushing my two year olds teeth that is a treat in itself and requires no crafty tricking on my part. It’s this First Teeth kit by Biotene.
First of all the paste – mild and made with milk proteins, it actually tastes good. Really good. I have to stash it, or my son would be that weird kid who eats toothpaste. Second there is the brush. Not so much a brush as a little rubber finger cap with soft little rubber bristles. I used to have something like this to brush my dog’s teeth. And he didn’t even get chocolate, ever.
Dentists recommend that you brush your kids teeth while they are sitting on your lap, facing away from you and not face to face to get the most effective plaque removal and cleaning. I find this is easy to do with the finger brush – while my wiggly angel looks at a book, or even more fascinating – himself – in the mirror. Tooth brushing with this massaging “brush” always makes him giggle a little, but he just loves it.
We’ve been using this brush/paste kit for several months and it really helped with teething pains too, incidentally. Just applying pressure and massaging his gums seemed to really soothe.
The Biotene First Teeth paste/brush combo can be purchased online for $7.89 at Dentist.Net. You can also buy the brushes and the paste seperately. Happy Halloween!

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