Several months ago when Wesley and I started Mommy-n-Me swim class, I was stumped. My figure had changed a lot and my old one-pieces weren’t too appealing on my body. Additionally, after a recent trip to Mexico, I had invested quite a lot into sexy bikinis… sexy bikinis that were too sexy for Wes to grab onto in the therapy pool. Thus began a new search, this time one for an exersize swim suit–and one that looked appealing.
Of course, I first approached the big names. And, really, almost settled for them. But then I stumbled upon, and amongst the well-known suits in their line-up, they also sported an unfamiliar line, ClubSwim.
What first drew my attention to ClubSwim was the fun patterns on their sensible fabrics. Sure, they have plenty of solids, but they also have florals and camos–in many colors. Next, I noticed the variety of styles. I wouldn’t be stuck with a one piece at Mommy and Me, I could choose from a few cuts of 2-pieces, too.
Now that I’ve been wearing the ClubSwim suits, my TYR and Speedo’s are taking a back seat. ClubSwim’s suits look good and feel good. I love the lack of underwire (which is just not conducive to a comfortable swim lesson or workout). And they hug in the right places and compliment many figures.
As for an almost 2 year old pulling this one off? No way. They’re secure, as they are made for exercise and competition. They go on as a tank or sports bra–no ties or snaps of any sort. And they fit snug, so there is nothing for those little hands to grab a little too much.
I know you’ll love the prices. For the amount I usually pay for a sexy little 2 piece, I could buy several ClubSwim suits. Several. They’re currently discounted at SwimOutlet. Plus, free shipping with a $75 purchas. And I have to mention that SwimOutlet has fantastic Customer Service. Remember the bigger name suits I had? Well, I still had the tags on most, and I called after the return authorization date to sweetly request an extention. There was no problem–they were happy to accept my return. (And they didn’t know I was working on a review).
Think a great price and great customer service, in addition to a great new suit isn’t enough? We’ve got you covered… or at least covered enough in the pool with your kids! Beginning June 29, ClubSwim is sponsoring a Mommies with Style contest. There will be 10 lucky winners of their own choice of ClubSwim suits! So check back later in the week for more details.
I know a few moms nervous about giving in to their husbands’ wishes and donning a bikini–a ClubSwim bikini like the one featured here just might make everyone happy.


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