You know how there’s never two snowflakes that are alike?  I feel like we can pretty much make that same statement about women.  We may have similarities but we each have different body types and shapes.  And thank God for that, how boring if we were all the same, right?

Lands End recognizes that women come in all shapes and sizes and they offer options for everyone with their swimwear!

Here’s what’s what at Lands End
Separates. Totally flattering because you can pick different styles and sizes for the top and bottom depending on what you are trying to hide/enhance.  I know for me – I’m wide hipped but narrow waisted.  So I often have to pick two different sizes for my suit.  Thank God for the tankini!  I don’t know how I ever wore a one piece.

Also you’ll see in the video below – I interview Erin, a swimsuit stylist for Lands End, and she offers tons of great tips on their swimwear.  For tankini tops she says the sweetheart neckline is super hot and looks good on EVERYONE!

They also just launched the swim tee.  You know how you think to cover your kids with a rash guard but not worry about yourself?  The Lands End Swim Tee is lightweight and offers UPF 50!

The Swimmates collection.  Layering on the go.  The base is a bikini – great for laying on the beach.  But when you have to get up?  Layer it with the skirt.  And then add the cami! Quick transfer from the beach – rock your bikini on the beach and then cover up when you head up to the beach restaurant for a margarita!

Shape Enhance technology.  Targeted control – ultra high-rise bottom in a 2-piece that’s like a control top but is hidden under a tankini top.  Or go with the one piece that has great control all over.

Visit Land’s End and use coupon code: MOMMIXER Pin: 3565 to receive 25% off your order plus free shipping!

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