With all the cool toys we get to review, it shocked me that I felt stumped on gifts for my boys. So I was so happy to find Plaja Pets–a very cute new product this season.
Plaja Pets are these adorable little collectable friends for kids. With round bellies and heads, they look loveable and squeezable. But aren’t all stuffed animals? So here’s where Plaja Pets are different: They detatch and switch–they’re the automoblox of plush!
Their cute little heads and tails detatch (with a bit of fancy maneuvering–so they won’t detatch in a hug, but they will with a pull and a tug) and interior magnets help them to switch bodies.

Of course, you’ll need more than one, but this won’t break the bank. Plaja Pets come in sets of 2, so even gifting one set will allow for some entertainment and laughter for your little one. The original 6 (featured here) cost only $89.99. That’s more than 200 combinations of plushes for less than $90.
Brand new to the Plaja famlly are minis, 2 stuffed plushes for half the price!

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