My friend Zareen and I were out somewhere recently when we saw these Table Topics.  (Where were we, Z?)  Anyway, we were remarking how neat it would be to have one of these cards set on each plate at Thanksgiving. It would be something different and fun to get conversation rolling.

This version I’m highlighting here is Table Topics: Family Gathering, which I thought was appropriate with the upcoming holiday season.  It’s $25 at and ships for free.  Hosting Thanksgiving or Christmas at your house?  Consider these for something fun to get the conversation going.

Here are some sample questions:

  • What cars has your family owned?
  • What’s your greatest strength as a family?
  • What family pet would you love to spend an afternoon with?
  • What physical characteristics do you have from your family?

Table Topics: Family Gathering is $25 and if you don’t like that version, there are plenty of others (like Girls Night Out and Kids Travel)


  1. eveptaxotalay says

    Hi, what about …



  2. #2
    Your Foolish Game

    im sitting in the dark room
    im thinking about what you do,
    im feeling so lonely
    i have only thoughts of you.
    this emotions,that i cant hide
    i only want to sit and cry
    i know you love me very much,
    but i cant live such
    this foolish game,
    this rules,that i have to obey
    its stupid,but its our reality,
    why should i hide my personality?
    i mustnt show my love to you

    this foolish game
    i have to play
    this stupid rules
    i must obey

    why cant you show,what you feel,
    how long youll wait
    before they said
    what you must do,
    what you must feel
    and which emotions are real…
    i cant understand your choise
    but i wanna hear your voice,
    i wanna look in your eyes,
    i wanna hear some advice
    how can i live without you…

    this foolish game
    i have to play
    this stupid rules
    i must obey

    Helen Hamburger, April 2010

    PS: I’m miserable, if I’m too offtopic here 🙂
    PPS: And if so, a giant favor to Admin, to make a move this post to a only Topic. Thanx.

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