A couple of samples came in the mail last month from UrbanHalo, a company that makes fun patterned headbands and accessories.  I immediately put them to use at the gym. I wear a headband every time I run or workout. I have lots of random stray hairs (no bangs) that I can't stand getting in my face so you'll never see me exercising without one. … [Read more...]

Looking for a few more ideas to stuff in the stocking? Budclicks allow your tween or teen to personalize their earbuds with a wide variety of designs, symbols and characters. From flowers, stars and ladybugs to skulls, cupcakes and 8 balls, BudClicks take boring white earbuds to the next level. Simply choose your style, click them on to nearly any … [Read more...]

Accessories. They make the outfit. One of my favorites - the belt. Worn properly it finishes your outfit. It is a quick way to update or punch up an outfit. As an added bonus, the right one can really help hide that extra winter bulge. And there are so many options from style, to color, to material, to embellishments, to ways to wear … [Read more...]