The last couple of years, Prime Day has flopped a little. A lot of buzz for not much action, in our opinion. But this year, the promotion has seemed bigger than ever so we're curious to see how the next two days pan out.I thought we'd share an on going list of what we're buying over here, or any good deals we see. If you score anything great, … [Read more...]

Earlier today I popped onto Amazon to search for something and saw this note from Jeff Bezo, CEO of Amazon, on the homepage. At no additional cost to Amazon Prime members, there will now be over 5,000 tv shows and movie available for streaming tv.  I'm so excited! I already love having Amazon Prime - the two-day shipping is more than worth … [Read more...]

As my hubby is big on anything eco-friendly, we've been ordering Amazon's Frustration Free Packaging for awhile now.   With any product that has it available, we always opt for the frustration free packaging.  Here's what's great about it: It's easy to open.  You know all those annoying twists and ties you're always having to remove off your … [Read more...]