One of my favorite stores to shop for me in recent years is American Eagle. 1) I love that it's affordable and 2) I love that it's not one of the stores the circle of people I hang out with shop in. I know when I'm wearing something from American Eagle, I'm most likely going to be the only one in it. Which brings me to this - is there a reason … [Read more...]

I'm loving my new Maxi Dress from American Eagle ($39.50)! i got it recently with an internet coupon code and I could not get enough of it this weekend. Cute, right? Here I am in it. (Clearly this is me. I mean duh. There's a roll of toliet paper in the picture and it's a bad quality photo but you get the gist.) And then here's the … [Read more...]

"Seventy-seven fantastic mom bloggers in 11 cities across the country are participating in 77kids Do Good Day on July 14th by doing good in their local communities in pay-it-forward kinds of ways. All in support of the new 77kids by american eagle stores." I'll be a part of the Philly team, and we'll be headed to a local senior center to hand … [Read more...]