Man, it's stuff like this that makes me glad I have two boys. Not that I won't have to have the "talk" with my boys at some point but I can at least lean on hubby to do most of the talks that have anything to do with boy parts. With girls? Girls need their Moms and there's a lot that goes on hormonally with their bodies that they need … [Read more...]

I'm so excited to share today's big news: on January 1st, American Girl will introduce girls to the brand new 2013 Girl of the Year, Saige Copeland. She is a spirited girl whose passion inspires action. She helps girls discover how creative they can be by learning something new about themselves. Here's a picture of the cover of Saige, by Jessie … [Read more...]

The latest American Girl release hits the shelves this fall on September 4th and isn't she gorgeous? Caroline Abbott is a 9-year-old girl growing up in the early 1800s. She is thrust into the middle of the war of 1812 when her father is kidnapped and held prisoner by the British. As her father is lead off, she promises her father that she will … [Read more...]

Embargoed until today is the news that the new American Girl doll for 2012 will be McKenna Brooks.  According to the press release, she's into gymnastics and stuggling in school. She ends up having to get a school tutor and keeps it a secret.  She also apparently befriends a handicapped girl in a wheelchair. Not much more info but I'm … [Read more...]

Even I, a Mom of two boys, know how special American Girl is to little girl's around the world.  Their dolls, the stories they tell and everything that goes along with the American Girl experience are the kinds of things that childhood memories are made of. What I didn't know was that American Girl also has a line for birthday parties - … [Read more...]

Being a Mom of two boys, I may not have any American Girl products in my house, but I'm also the aunt to several nieces so I've definitely been schooled in the ways of American Girl!  I've also been to the store with girls and know what a wonderful experience it is. I was extremely excited to have a chance to interview Harry Connick Jr. and his … [Read more...]