Today's post is gonna be a short one.  Sorry for the radio silence folks but I've been busy enjoying the surf & sun in Sea Isle, New Jersey for the last few days!  I'm gonna get myself back into the swing of things today hopefully but wanted to share with you guys two quick new apps that we discovered in the past week and CAN NOT put … [Read more...]

1996. That was the last year I was an official Mac owner was on what would now be considered an antique when I was in college. My first job out of college put me on a PC and I remember grumbling as I had to learn a whole new system. 17 years later and I've finally gone back. I posted on my personal Facebook page that I was thinking of getting a … [Read more...]

People - I just shared this on Facebook and had to post it here too. And yes, I'm using all caps on a blog post title but my family was literally just in tears of hysterical laughter having so much fun with this app that I had to do it. Check it out - the BackwardsCam App is $1.99 in the iTunes store and worth every penny. Just film a short … [Read more...]

Everyone always loves to find an Apple under their tree - and I don't mean the kind you eat. A few Apple reminders... iPod and iPads on your To-Buy list? To guarantee arrival by December 24th, be sure to place your online orders by this Sunday, December 19. You can go into your local Apple store, but Apple's Online store is the only place to get … [Read more...]