A couple of weeks ago, my local gym had weekend-long coupons to my local Athleta and to use on Athleta.com. It was 3 days of 20% off with this personalized coupon so of course I took advantage as Athleta coupons are few and far between! Athleta still continues to my fav shop for workout gear. I'll sometimes piece up a piece or two at the Gap but … [Read more...]

I've been loving the funky pants trend that I've been seeing around the gym for awhile now. Tie-dye, crazy patterns and bright colors seem to be more normal than black in my group exercise classes. And while I loved seeing them on other people, I always thought that it was a look I wouldn't be able to pull off. So I merrily dressed myself in my … [Read more...]

Considering they rarely do coupon codes and they do, they aren't very big - this is a good one worth using despite the fact that it's a 20% off coupon in the midst of 50% off deals for Black Friday.  If you have anything to get at Athleta (who doesn't!?!?!) take advantage of the FIT20 coupon code for 20% off ONLY TODAY. … [Read more...]

I can't help myself. I signed up to get an email if this dress came back in stock in my size and it did this morning! Noticed they added more inventory on other goods too.  Must. Control.  Self. But isn't this so cute?  I just got this one for the summer:  Meteor Gray Pack Everywhere Dress ($44.99 on Zulily.com, normally $89 at Athleta) … [Read more...]

Officially the worst blogger only for only telling you this after 12:00 but I've been at the gym all morning and only just found out that Athleta is on sale at Zulily today!  I got a text from my friend Rachel and was basically pushing the speed limit to get home as I drove back from the gym so I could get online and check it out. These sales … [Read more...]

Hold the presses, people! Athleta has put out a 20% off coupon code that works thru tomorrow. They almost never have a coupon code so take advantage! My poor credit card! Use coupon code 20FIREDUP thru June 30th at Athleta.com. … [Read more...]

Twice in a month - I may faint!  (Or hubby will be when our credit card statement comes!) Good for today and tomorrow only (ends Monday the 26th, end of day) use coupon code CYBER to receive 20% off your purchase at Athleta.com.  (by the way, this coupon is also good for 30% off at Banana Republic, Old Navy and Gap!) This is what I ordered … [Read more...]

Man was I excited when I heard that they were opening an Athleta at the King of Prussia Mall, only a 15 minute drive from my house. I've been a huge Athleta fan for eons and the idea that I'd actually get to visit one of their stores in real life (rather than ordering online, as I've done for years) made me giddy! So when I got the invite to come … [Read more...]

Maybe it's the cold weather but I've surfing all over the place and filling up my cart like a crazed shopaholic lately.  I know it's probably a result of the couple of snow days and day off that we've had this week but here's a few things that have caught my eye lately. Who knew Athleta sold scarves!  And like everything else on their site, … [Read more...]