Why should women get all the good products, right?  Aveeno has recently debuted a new line of Men's Skin Care Products.  We're big fans of Aveeno here for both the kids and myself so I was psyched to have hubby try out some of the new men's line. He tried out the Shave Gel ($3.99) and the Face Wash ($5.99) and liked them both a lot!  They are … [Read more...]

I'm excited to announce that I'll once again be an Aveeno Ambassador for the upcoming year.  Periodically throughout the year, I'll be receiving Aveeno products to test out and review, if I want to.  Meaning, I'm only blogging about the ones I really love.  Which truthfully is most of them as I've long been an fan of Aveeno's products since … [Read more...]

This is still my favorite shampoo to use on my 8 & 5 year old, despite the fact that they are well beyond baby age! I've always loved the Aveeno brand for how well their products work with my family's sensitive skin. So I noticed Drugstore.com has 20% off on the Aveeno Baby products - time to stock up!  Free shipping on orders over … [Read more...]

My nightly bedtime ritual has included a new product the last few weeks - Aveeno's Daily Detoxifying Scrub. I can't believe I lived without a scrub before now because I love using this product each night and am noticing a visible difference in my skin since I've been using it.  The scrub helps to exfoliate all the dead skin and nasty goodies … [Read more...]

Yesterday I posted about the beginning of my fabulous trip out to LA last weekend  This post contains the best part - the pictures of the celebrities! After spending a relaxing morning taking a run and walk along the beaches of Santa Monica, I boarded a bus for the short trip (two blocks!  ha!) over to the beachfront area where the Independent … [Read more...]

My boys and I suffer from chronic dry skin this time of year. For whatever reason, Nate's skin has been particularly bad this winter.  He's had cracked dry hands and patches of dry skin I'm tempted to take a pumice stone to since it's so rough. Last night, I had both of my kids soak in the bath and I put in an ample amount of this Aveeno Shower … [Read more...]