With Father's Day right around the corner, we decided to look at some great new baby toys! These new toys from Tiny Love will keep baby happy and give Dad a bit of quiet time too! These would also be great ideas for a baby registry or shower gift. I tested out and reviewed baby essentials from Tiny Love: Gymini Deluxe:The adjustable … [Read more...]

Love these and wish they had been around when my babies were actually babies. We all know how much babies love car keys but of course our car keys aren't exactly clean. There's ton of fake key toys out there but I thought these Kleynimals toy keys for babies were one of the better sets I've seen in a long time. They're still metal so they … [Read more...]

Two of the cutest new baby toys out from Bright Starts include the Bright Starts Having A Ball Alphabet Pop Top (Amazon, $29.99) and the Bright Starts Roll & Chase Bumblebee (Amazon, $25). Cole (5) took one look at the Alphabet Pop Top and proclaimed that baby toys were much better today than they were when he was a baby.  (All those … [Read more...]

My boys loved Lamaze baby toys when they were infants. Check out this great sale at Amazon for 25% off or more on Lamaze baby items. … [Read more...]

These toys are just adorable and such an easy toy to teach babies to play. I love tossing the Farmyard balls into the air and rolling them around baby A. With a few different textures and each animal making a different sound, its a great baby toy.  We also have the Animal Chime Ball (we have the pig) which my 4-year-old enacts as the Mommy ball to … [Read more...]