My kids love having fun, creative activities to do. So when we were sent a Kidzsack, they were thrilled and so was I! Kidzsack is an eco-friendly backpack that comes with 8 washable, non-toxic markers which makes it a perfect reusable arts and crafts activity. Here’s how you create with Kidzsack: your child colors the backpack with the … [Read more...]

I’m always searching last minute for some sort of bag that my kids can take trick or treating with them on Halloween. I always forget until it’s the night before and scramble to find something that is cute and sturdy for the loads of candy my kids come home with. So when I was sent a Custom Trick or Treat Tote to check out, I was thrilled to … [Read more...]

The folks at Australian-based Crumpler Bags definitely have a sense of humor - I just love some of the names of their bags like the "8 Million Dollar Home," the "SoupnSalad," the "Dreadful Embarassment" (laptop bag) or the "Cork & Fork" (camera case.) Their designs are sleek and great for just about anyone. I've been using the Chester … [Read more...]