Not even kidding, I've ranged anywhere from a B to an E in cup size in my life. No joke. (E was when I was a new Mom and breastfeeding, but still, big range, right?) As women, we go through so many changes throughout our lives!  Cup size is one of them!  It's important to get measured pretty regularly because your size can and will change often … [Read more...]

It's Sunday afternoon and I think I am finally getting over the total and complete utter exhaustion I felt around this time yesterday.  Together with my good friend Colleen from Classy Mommy, I co-hosted Mom Mixer - a holiday showcase in downtown Philadelphia at the gorgeous XIX Restaurant at the Hyatt at the Bellevue.  We brought together brands … [Read more...]

Last month, I wrote about Barely There - an intimates company (they make bras & undies!). Somehow I got lucky enough to become a Barely There Blogger - they've been sending me products monthly to test out but I'm not required to write about them. Still, a couple months in and I'm loving the products so I wanted to tell you about the latest - … [Read more...]

Not really one to rave about bras, I gotta say I'm over the moon about my new bras from Barely There. I'm not the type to care about any prissy or pretty looking bras, comfort has always been #1 for me with my bras & undies so maybe that's why I'm so in love with my new stuff from Barely There - everything is amazingly comfortable! We're talking … [Read more...]