While pregnancy may give you a glow, having a newborn certainly does not. And a lack of sleep and poor eating had definitely taken a toll on my skin. I was just about to make an appointment for a facial when I got a chance to try the Facial Rejuvenation System from DermanNew. Wow. I review a lot of products and get a little skeptical about product … [Read more...]

Love that summer glow. Hate the skin damage. Sun Labs to the rescue! I recently had the chance to try out this Sun Labs gift pack which includes the Tan Overnight self-tanning lotion, Exfoliant Body Scrub and Hand and Body Tan-Extending moisturizer. (The gift pack comes in various sizes ($21-$51) and products can also be purchased … [Read more...]

With the start of school, I've been reminded of how little time there is in the morning and how much there is to get done.  This is part one in a series of three posts called "Speed Up My Morning" where I'll be sharing with you a few products I've come across that will shave time off your morning routine.  First up - the face. 1) ROC Multi … [Read more...]