When my kiddos were littles, I used to be so good about ordering our Christmas cards. I would order every Thanksgiving evening - when I was stuffed and searching for early Black Friday deals. I'd have had our picture ready to go. Man, those were the days! This year, I was just happy to have had some professional photos we took back in the … [Read more...]

Happy Black Friday, friends! I'll add them as I find them, but there's lots of Black Friday sales to be found online today. Who's out shopping today? I always think the idea of going out on Black Friday is fun but when I actually go out, I end up wondering why I'm standing in the long lines when I could be doing everything online? Athleta - … [Read more...]

Every year these deals seem to come sooner and sooner! I've already done some shopping today in between cooking for our afternoon Thanksgiving at a friends house. So I'll add awesome finds and deals as I see them to this post for the next few days. *50% off everything at Abercrombie & Fitch through 6 pm Black Friday *Any of Amazon's … [Read more...]

Efficiency is what it's all about at TinyPrints.com this time of year.  I love how I order my Christmas cards, ask for a FREE proofread from a real human and STILL, within an hour I receive an email that my cards are approved and on the way.  That place just churns the out this time of year!  And it's no surprise.  I've been ordering from Tiny … [Read more...]

If you're looking for something different to give as a gift this holiday season, check out this fabulous sale price from Cricket Media on any of their magazines. Currently they are running a Black Friday-weekend deal where you can get a year long subscription towards any of their magazines for $20!  You can click through but here is the info about … [Read more...]

This is a great gift for Dad at an awesome Black Friday deal price!  We have one of these aluminum Poker case sets that I paid $100 for on eBay a few years ago - here it is for $29.99 on a Lightning Deal on Amazon - scoop it up while it lasts! … [Read more...]

This is an awesome deal if you're like me and want to run outside but have serious cold hand issues.  Asics Abby Gloves … [Read more...]

Considering they rarely do coupon codes and they do, they aren't very big - this is a good one worth using despite the fact that it's a 20% off coupon in the midst of 50% off deals for Black Friday.  If you have anything to get at Athleta (who doesn't!?!?!) take advantage of the FIT20 coupon code for 20% off ONLY TODAY. … [Read more...]

Great deals and gifts to be found today on Sephora for only $10 today through the weekend while supplies last! … [Read more...]

The Kindle Paperwhite is marked down to $99 this week (normally $119).  I love mine!  I underestimated how much I would love having the backlight.  I just used mine on a long Thanksgiving travel drive where we were stuck in traffic and in the dark for many hours.  $99 is a steal, especially as a holiday gift for someone. … [Read more...]