On my BlogHer sponsor:  AOL Shopping Each of my BlogHer related posts will mention AOL Shopping - because they made my trip possible by sponsoring my attendance at the conference.  Tons of folks had sponsors at the conference and I while I was looking for a sponsor, I was very specific in whom I would allow to sponsor me. I was thrilled to … [Read more...]

Again, many thanks to my BlogHer sponsor - AOL Shopping.  They sponsored me to attend BlogHer.  Check out their site becuase you can find great shopping tips and fun features  like this Splurge Vs Steal: Back to School Gadgets.  (Plus, I write there too!) It's been a crazy 48 hours.  I arrived on a bus from Philadelphia with a bunch of … [Read more...]

Although Mommies with Style is primarily a product review site, I wanted to share something a bit off-topic today. This past weekend, I attended BlogHer ’09 in Chicago. This is the largest women in blogging conference in the country. I met some wonderful women, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t post about the conference after the enlightening … [Read more...]

So for those of you don't know, I'm currently in Chicago at BlogHer - undoubtedly the biggest blogging conference for women in this country. This year there are 1500 attendees, 90% of whom are women.  Yes, there's some serious estrogen flying around.  But seriously, it's been an awesome opportunity thus far to mingle with bloggers I had only … [Read more...]