Going backwards.  The Ugly. A standard conversation piece or question at any blogging conference is, "so, how long have you been blogging?"  I mostly get this question from the brands but bloggers do ask it as well.   My answer (7 years this fall) always gets the same shocked response.  "Wow, you're like an old timer!  That's … [Read more...]

Having a blast here in San Diego as the crazy weekend of parties, meetings with brands and lots of schmoozing continues. They announced yesterday that BlogHer 2012 will be back in Manhattan, which I'm thrilled about as less travel time means less time away from my kids! (who I'm really starting to miss by the way) I'm sure I'll share some … [Read more...]

A couple of photos from a morning jog with Colleen here on the marina in San Diego- it's beautiful here! More soon! … [Read more...]