Blueprint Cleanse is my go-to when I'm looking to do a juice cleanse. I've done it a few times and sometimes will just pick it up at my local grocery store that now carries it when I want to even do a one day cleanse. I'm in the process of starting the Whole30 so I'm not doing any cleanses right now but if I were, I'd be pretty psyched to use … [Read more...]

Today is day two of my "reset."  I'm very lightly doing a juice cleanse detox using Evolution Fresh juices I picked up at Whole Foods yesterday.  I am not following any specific plan other than to eat way healthier, lightly and to try and reboot myself from some of my bad eating habits that I've picked up over the last couple of … [Read more...]

Yesterday I freaked out when I stepped on the scale.  That was my moment.  The moment I cracked and I realized I had to shape up and that something with my diet and routine has to change. I can pinpoint exactly when my bad eating habits started and say with confidence that it was Easter, which you guys may remember was late this year.  It … [Read more...]

Had I prepared a little better, I would have ordered The 3-Day Cleanse Book before this week.  The Book, which talks about the merits and how-tos of the Cleanse is authored by the co-founders of the BluePrint Cleanse that I was about to embark on. It arrived from Amazon the night before I started so I only had a brief time to skim it and read … [Read more...]